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O365: Member Issue When Migrating Distribution Groups to Groups

If you are reading this, you are obviously looking at migrating Office 365 Distribution Groups to the new fancy and shiny Groups. However, if like me you are doing some testing of the migration process, then you will have created some test Distribution Groups and then ran the appropriate PowerShell script to convert it to…

Bulk add O365 licenses with PowerShell

The other day I had a customer that had purchased 400 EOP ATP licenses, and I need to make sure that all those users that had an E3 license also had an ATP license assigned.  After a bit of digging around, I found the correct set of PowerShell commands.  Firstly, make sure that you have…

Office 365 & Cloud PBX / PSTN Costs and Licensing

Within my current company, we currently use a hosted Skype solution which also has some functionality around hosted PBX.  This was so a few years ago we could ditch our traditional ISDN based telephony solution with a cloud hosted PBX solution.  There were a couple of reason we chose this route – first reason was,…

Where is my O365 mailbox hosted?

I was wondering as part of my testing on my private O365 tenancy, how I could find out where in the world my mailbox was being hosted.  It is actually relatively simple to do – all you need to do is open PowerShell and get a connection to Exchange Online:

If you run the…

Enable Clutter On Office 365 With PowerShell

If you need to enable Clutter for a single user (or even the whole organisation!) on O365, then it can be done very easily with PowerShell:

Easy peasy 🙂

O365: Enable Clutter on Individual Mailboxes

If you can’t for some reason enable the Clutter option within the Outlook portal ( because the option just isn’t there, there is a very simple way to enable Clutter via the use of PowerShell.  This should only be done by your system administrator, so please ask them 🙂


SharePoint Online Group Permissions

Recently, I wanted to dig into whom had full access to one of our SharePoint sites.  I noticed that by default it seems that the groups named Company Administrator and SharePoint Service Administrator get access to the SharePoint site by default.  This was a potential security risk, given the sensitive nature of some of the…